The project

The philosophy

Rather than focusing on the Mediterranean civilization, HYam association prefers to address its multiple civilizations with a comprehensive art project which intends to showcase consecutively each of the young art scenes of the Mediterranean Basin while highlighting their singularities and similitudes. Various stages of the project will take place in Paris (award, exhibition) and on the island of Hydra in Greece (co-production of an artwork for the local public space).

HYam project


The prize

One artist younger than 36, is granted the biennal Prize, HYam has dedicated to one of the country of the mediterranean sea.


The exhibition

A group show of the finalists for the prize is to be set up in Paris at Artcurial auction house, with a published catalogue thrown in.


The installation

The production of an in situ- particular work of art, realized by the award recipient in the public space of Hydra Island in Greece.