The project

The philosophy

Rather than focusing on the Mediterranean civilization, HYam association prefers to address its multiple civilizations with a comprehensive art project which intends to showcase consecutively each of the young art scenes of the Mediterranean Basin while highlighting their singularities and similitudes. Various stages of the project will take place in Paris (award, exhibition) and on the island of Hydra in Greece (co-production of an artwork for the local public space).

HYam project


The installation

Granted by an international committee, the laureate of the HYam prize is  invited to set up a piece of art aimed for the public space of Hydra with the support of the HYam association. The installation is installed during summer, providing yet another event on Hydra to complete the season exhibitions.


The residency

Following the exhibition, the laureate is offered  a one month residency on the island with the puropose of setting up a new project which could be inspired by the specific character of Hydra. Close to Athens, this car-free and rocky island once was one of the greatest naval power of the Mediterranean.


The round table

The artist get the opportunity to present his/her project during a round table which takes place in Paris at Artcurial, partner of the HYam project. This round table debate led by art world personalities, provides the opportunity to find out the contemporary art scene issues of the invited country.