HYam Project

The association Hyam -Hydra for artists of the Mediterranean- was founded in 2014 by journalist Pauline Simons in order to guide emerging artists, coming from Mediterranean countries.Her goal is to support them, promoting their work on the international art scene through the following missions.

  • The establishment of a prize
  • The co-production of both exhibitions and catalogues
  • Purchase of part of their art works
  • The set up of an in situ- specific art project in a public space
  • A Residency program offer

The prize

One artist younger than 36, is granted the biennal Prize, HYam has dedicated to one of the country of the mediterranean sea.


The exhibition

A group show of the finalists for the prize is to be set up in Paris at Artcurial auction house, with a published catalogue thrown in.


The installation

The production of an in situ- particular work of art, realized by the award recipient in the public space of Hydra Island in Greece.

Artcurial in Paris

The auction house “Artcurial”, cherished partner of HYam, hosts the prize award aimed at emerging native artists from the Mediterranean alongside with a group show to exhibit the finalists’ work. Perfectly located at the corner between Avenue Montaigne and Champs-Elysées, international symbols of the French capital while simultaneously geographically marking the country’s “savoir-faire”, this mansion has become, an international and cultural landmark, over the last ten years. Driven by the passion for art and for collectors’ items, Artcurial is the French auction leader. Nowadays, more than 25 specialized departments are represented with a sale volume (exceeding 210 million €) 75% of which is created by international collectors. Reinforcing its international development, Artcurial is extending its activities in Europe and in the Mediterranean, including Morocco.

Hydra in Greece

Close to Athens, this rocky island that Henry Miller was referring to “a petrified piece of bread”, once was one of the greatest naval power of the Mediterranean.

Car-free, its ecosystem is preserved : it was this element that seduced, a mixed avant-garde movement, in the beginning of the 60’s. Ever since, Hydra has been grounding its reputation, hosting, international exhibitions, every summer, thanks to the support of philanthropists and collectors, such as Cypriot Dakis Ioannou, President of the Deste Foundation, Pauline Karpidas, English collector, Dimitris Daskalopoulos, President of the Neon Foundation, supporting an annual summer exhibition founded by Dimitris Antonitsis.

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